Our November Pop-Up is Just around the corner...

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The Salon is happy to bring its next Pop-Up to the Chipped Cup! Join us Friday, November 10th at 7:30pm to explore how the people who come before and after us impact our art and our lives. Chipped Cup food and drink will be available until 8pm.

Featured Artists:
Gloria Rosen--Actor/Playwright performing a selection from her one-woman show LISTEN...CAN YOU HEAR ME NOW?

GLORIA ROSEN (∫Playwright/Performer) is an award winning playwright and actor. Her solo show, Listen…Can You Hear Me Now?played to sold out houses at the United Solo Theatre Festival in NY, was awarded 2016 Best Autobiographical Script and had a United Solo Encore performance in 2017; was also awarded Best of Hollywood Fringe and played to sold out houses at The New York International Fringe Festival and the Jersey City Theatre Center. She has appeared in numerous plays by award winning playwright Duncan Pflaster, most recently Lights and Noise and Bees and Boys for the Red Fern and TOSOSTheatre Companies. She created the role of Emily in Hidden Beauty at the NY EstroGenius Festival; Bubby in Bubby’s Shadow at Planet Connections, and The Mother in the Indie Film – How to Break Up With Your Mother which has been screened at the following: Los Angeles Comedy Festival; LA Indie Music & Film Summit; The Art of Brooklyn Film Festival; New Film Makers NY Festival and numerous other venues. She also participates in the Effective Arts program as an actor - using improvisational techniques to aid in the training of clinical professionals in the field of organ donation. Gloria has performed at the Actors Studio; the Samuel French Festival; Manhattan Rep and in readings at Primary Stages. She can also be seen in numerous College Humor episodes. FB: Listen…Can You Hear Me Now?  gfr723@gmail.com 


MITCHELL SCOTT LEWIS has been a professional astrologer in New York City for more than two decades. His specialties include medical chart interpretations and financial astrology. Throughout the 90’s he worked on the floor of the New York Mercantile exchange as an astrological trader and market analyst. In “Living By Starlight”, his ongoing monthly newsletter, and in his lectures and numerous appearances on national radio and TV he has accurately predicted a number of world events, including 9/11, the unprecedented rise of oil prices in the 90's and early 2000's, the exact collapse of the housing market and the ‘08 stock market crash, which he precisely foretold within days of its occurrence more than a year in advance.

As a regular guest on Coast to Coast A.M. with George Noory, he appears several times a year to discuss astrological issues regarding the economy, politics, and the future of our society.

Mitchell lectures on astrology and the financial markets throughout the U.S., most recently at the NCGR National Conference in Baltimore February 2017.

He is the author of the Starlight Detective Agency books, an ongoing series featuring protagonist astrologer/detective David Lowell, published by Poisoned Pen Press. The books are based in New York City, and are available everywhere. The third novel in the series, Evil in the 1st House, has recently been released.


KRYSTLE COLLINS is a native of Louisiana, currently living and working in New York, NY.

A self-taught artist, her interest began at a young age and has been cultivated over the years.  Growing up in a small Southern church inspired her to capture the intimacy of the human figure.  Studying the emotion-filled faces, the slightest turn of a body, and even the careless placements of a hand, sparked her curiosity about the forms that surround us daily.

Her work explores the direct relation between the observation and interpretation  of love, pain, joy, power, melancholy, anxiety and stimulation. The subjects, often female, are portrayed in a light that embodies strength, with a sense of familiarity that allows the audience to connect.  Using bold lines, shapes and posture to depict her vision, Krystle’s work captures and appreciates the beauty in identifying  the outer expression of our inner nature.